Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) can be your initial foray into mobile apps.  With over 3 BILLION mobile devices in the world today, and mobile devices driving 80% of Internet usage, you should look into how a PWA can help your business.  Instant access, no download or installation needed.  PLUS, mobile websites get more visitors than native mobile apps.  Once you access a Progressive Web App, it looks and functions the same as a native mobile app, complete with SMS push notifications, only without the additional hassles of downloading and installing on your device.

Another great feature of a Progressive Web App is functionality is the same on a mobile device OR on your laptop at home!  All features work!  So no matter how your clients access your PWA, they get the same content, in the same format, AND with the added benefit of SMS push notifications through your browser!

But the best thing is PWA’s work on just about any device you can think of, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry mobile devices, and also Windows, Mac and Linux computers!

Check out our demo of PWA’s in the video below.